OHBHS was created to provide affordable, quality, out patient counseling and psychiatric services.

We offer individual counseling, couples and family therapy, and group therapy.  We use a variety of counseling techniques that are proven effective – including hypnotherapy!

Our educational services cover a wide variety of topics to assist folks in having a happier, healthier response to life.  These are not covered by most insurance companies.  They are priced to be affordable and effective.

Living in Balance (LIB) is our drug/alcohol education and recovery support.  It is a peer reviewed, standardized curriculum that is widely used in treatment settings. It’s easy to understand and proven effective.  Each cycle is a 12 week session.  Groups meet an hour per week and it is open ended.

Parent Enrichment and Support (PEAS) group is designed to help parents gain skills to deal with common parenting issues.  Each group has a learning objective with discussion and role-play to help participants practice and gain confidence to handle issues that may come up in the home.

Anger Management skills training is a six week series that teaches how to recognize the body’s response to anger (physical response), how thinking about anger influences anger (cognitive response), anger coping skills (defusing /de-escalating), how to communicate when angry (role-play), and moving on from anger (the role of forgiveness).  Habitual/toxic anger is also addressed.

“Stronger Together” is a customizable training to help business owners and managers recognize and respond supportively to employees who may be struggling.  The series covers issues such as recognizing and responding to substance abuse, supporting recovery, recognizing and responding to suicidal ideation in the work force, and creating a happier, healthier, safer workplace.

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